natural nose surgery

Natural nose surgery is a type of surgery which considers criteria of having a standard nose shape after surgery. In this surgery, surgeon consider harmony and portion of the nose with other parts of the face, and patients will have better felling about their appearance after surgery.

What are the features of a natural nose?

  • Nostrils of the nose are same
  • Arch of the nose is natural and little
  • Angle between the nose and lip is around the 90 degree

Before performing natural nose surgery, some tests and photography should be done, to evaluate form of the nose and face.

In this surgery, skin has an important role. As you know, fleshy noses have thick skin and changes on the nose will be seen after surgery, but bony noses have thin skin with strong bone and cartilage. The best surgeon should consider this important factor.

Those patients who have fleshy noses, also should have real expectations about result of the surgery.

natural nose surgery

natural nose surgery before and after

Natural nose surgery in men

Male rhinoplasty is increasing more than past. Nose surgery in men and having a natural form is so important. In this surgery, nose should not be too big or too small, and male appearance of the nose should be kept.