Dr Alireza Abyaneh

I was born in 1978 in Tehran. My father is brigadier of army and my mother is doctor. I spent my primary education at Baharno and middle school at Andisheh  school. Then due to transferring my father to Kermanshah, I participated in high school entrance exam and after acceptance in this exam, I educated there. I received my diploma degree in 1995, with the first grade of final exam.

In the same year, I received grade of 42 in entrance exam, grade of 4 in medicine examination of Azad university, and first grade of engineering entrance of Azad university, and then, I chose medicine as my field.

When I was a medical student, I received fourth grade in basic science exams and third grade in pre- internship exams. At that time, I was so interested in visual arts, so, I learned painting by professor Jalaledin Molk, and sculpture by professor Kiomars Nasr. Then, I received my medical degree and spent military service in Corps Commando Army, and participated in residency exam in India to acquire knowledge of the world, and attended in my favorable fields (ear, throat, nose and facial plastic surgery) among all physicians participants of the world, in Rajiv Gandi university.

After completing skilled course, I received first grade in board final exam. At that time, despite of low job opportunities in Britain and Australia, I retuned to my country, and spent skilled course at Shahid Behehti University to get local knowledge. Finally, I got third grade of university and graduated.

I got married in 2009, have 2 child (Amir Hossein & Atena).

dr abyaneh