how to tape the nose after rhinoplasty?

Taping has special cares. To remove taping, you should take a warm bath and let the water pours on your nose. Then, soap the nose and gently remove it from down to top. Removing the tape from top to down, should be prohibited. After removing the tape, wash your nose with soap, dry your nose and taping as follows:

  1. First, cut a 4 cm tape and stick it on top of your nose. Put more pressure to tape. It should be noted that, tip of the nose should not cover with a tape.
  2. Cut second tape shorter, and stick it above the first tape, which covers third of the first tape.
  3. Cut third tape shorter, and stick it above the second tape, which covers third of the second tape.
  4. Cut forth tape less shorter, stick it on the most above part of your nose. The highest spot of the tape is in parallel line which connects corners of the eyes. No matter how much of this tape covers third tape.
  5. Cut a 7 cm tape and then narrow it. Stick it under tip of the nose which doesn’t cover the nostrils. Pull the tape to top and back (in a way which tapes become open from each other and be like number of 7.
  6. Finally, cut piece of tape as the first tape (4cm) and stick it on the first tape.

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taping after nose surgery