post- operative cares of rhinoplasty

After ending nose surgery, you will stay at recovery room for3- 4 hours and then back to your home. Now, it’s time to consider post- operative cares of rhinoplasty. Some of these cares are as follows:

  1. Eating and drinking forbid 2-3 hours after surgery. During this period, if you feel thirsty, put a wet damp on your lips or drop water on the tongue. Since the nurse will be allowed, drink juices (such as water, coconut water, aloevera juice or pineapple juice) up to 6 hours. Within the next 18 hours liquid and semi-solid foods can (such as soup, stew, porridge, rice milk, etc.) can be used.

24 hours later, eating and drinking soft foods can start (such as rice and stewed, baked and mashed meat or chicken, etc.). It should be noted that the use of solid foods such as sandwiches, roast, bottom of the pot is prohibited 2 weeks after surgery.

  1. Bruising of the eyelids and under the eyes, becomes more two days later and will subside completely, 2 weeks after surgery. In order to prevent excess bruising of the eyelids and under the eyes, it is necessary to put two ice packs on your eyes.

Put ice pack on your eyes, for 10- 15 minutes. Repeat this for 48 hours. Don’t do this during night. On the third and fourth day, you can apply warm pack to reduce swelling.

  1. Having plasma discharge is reason of putting gas under the nose. There are gas and taping among prescribed medications. When the gas is completely removed, a new gas removed it with scissors half, half the gas and put on the nose and glue it like to check.
  2. When returning to home, you should sit on a seat of the car with angle of 45 degrees. At home, put a thin mattress on the floor or flat-out, and placed two pillows on it.

This arrangement puts the pillow about 30 cm above the legs. You should be in this position for 3 days. You can walk, eat, go the bathroom and then return to their own mattresses (no need to prepare a ban of Iranian toilet is a toilet). In order to maintain this position, put pillows on your sides of the head and trunk to pick up the right side or left unconscious during sleep do not roll.

  1. Sore throat, ear pain, swelling and wind sign uvula (just a mass of meat in the throat stuck), pain in the teeth of the upper jaw, nausea and vomiting (sometimes with blood clots), and stool dark, disturbed swallowing, the feeling of postnasal drip, tearing, lack of taste sense, sneezing, blurred vision, feeling of fullness and heavy snoring, dizziness, mild fever (up to 5/38 °), weakness after surgery, are temporary and will be removed within a few days. Severity of these symptoms can vary from person to person. In case of severe bleeding, breathing problems, severe coughing or wheezing inform your surgeon.
  2. After surgery, a tampon is put on your nose. Tampons are removed 2-3 days after surgery. Until then, you need only tablets and capsules prescribed to use it. Other drugs including drops, ointments, serums, etc are used after removing tampon. During this period, using aspirin and other painkillers should not use. Before taking any other medication during the 10 days, consult your surgeon.

Visit  your surgeon to remove tampon 2-3 days after the surgery. Please bring all medications in this visit.
Plasters, and sutures are removed 1 week later. And a tape is put on the nose. This tape is replaced every week for 1.5 months.

post-operative cares of rhinoplasty