Pre- operative care of rhinoplasty

Before surgery, you should have consultation with your surgeon. During these sessions, your surgeon considers your test, examinations and also changes you need and want. It should be noted that, your nose may have detects that are not amendable, and even a skilled and knowledgeable surgeon can not create a new nose for you.


Preparation before surgery

  • Patients should rest 3 days before surgery, so, prepare some entertainments such as books, music or film.
  • If you have a cold, cold sore or other problem, inform your doctor.
  • Don’t eat or drink even water 8 hours before surgery.
  • Take a bath before surgery, because bathing is forbidden for 1 week.
  • Men should shave and women should clean their makeup.
  • You should have pillows or blanket with yourself.
  • Have all your test and examinations on day of surgery.
  • Wear suitable clothes.
  • Having juices is recommended.