Am I good candidate for nose surgery?

A nose surgery will be successful, if:

  • Detects of the surgery is amendable. It should be noted that, type of nasal tissues may be a limitative factor during surgery. Noses with thick skin and cartilaginous tissue (fleshy noses) have negative effects on result of surgery. During consultation, your surgeon determines success rate of the surgery.
  • Patients should have real expectation about result of surgery. Those who want to have a beautiful appearance are good candidates of nose surgery.
  • Performing nose surgery is one of the hardest and most complicated surgery, so, surgeons should be skillful and have enough knowledge in this field.

Surgeons consider your face and appearance, for example, if you have weak chin or cheek, with big nose, reforming of the chin or cheek is needed. Or some patients prefer to perform this surgery with rhinoplasty (nose surgery). Respiratory obstruction, history of nasal fracture or previous nose surgery, sinusitis, allergies, diabetes, heart diseases, thyroid disease, blood pressure, blood clotting disorder, obsessive, hereditary problems, and so on, should be reported.

If you have a suitable nose, have real expectation and found a skillful surgery, why not?