Dr. Abyaneh’s active charter

Dr. Abyaneh offers following services based on faith to ethics, belief in professional standards and knowledge:

  1. Surgery is not end of the relations between patient and surgeon, this relation cam lasts for a while, such as changing taping or further visiting. Dr. Abyaneh visits his patients weekly and do changing nasal taping by using educated technician. This have considerable effects on success of the surgery.
  2. Visits include, consulting before surgery, visiting after surgery and replacing nasal taping, and is completely free of charge.
  3. Post op cares of surgery have undeniable effects on result of surgery. Dr. Abyaneh educate related post op cares based on his knowledge and also offers educational booklets.
  4. Regular access of patients to his or her surgeon, is as requirements of an ideal system. You can contact with Dr. Abyaneh in per hours.

Phone number: +98912- 6262620